Hot Peppers

Pepper a Guarda Ciello 

Upward facing peppers growing tightly packed together. 6-7 cm long. Very hot. Turn red in September. Small, 30 cm plants. Can be grown in pots. From Italy. Piccante a guarda ciello. Looks like Mirasol.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Aji Amarillo         
(Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum)

Old peruvian strain grown in the Andes for centuries for its pungent peppers. Green peppers turn to orange when completely ripe. Sharp fruity flavor and quite hot. Very good in salsas with lime. Can be used green, ripe or dried. The dried peppers (right picture) turn reddish brown and have an interesting smoky flavor. Remove veins for less heat. Large, tall plans. Use heat to promote faster germination. Tender perennial, tolerant to light frosts. 100 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

 Pepper Aji Cristal       (C. baccatum)   

Chilean pepper with semi-translucent, waxy skin. Very hot and spicy, with a lemon touch. Peppers start pale green, then turn yellow-cream and finally scarlet red. Pick young for best flavor (when pale yellow). Good for making salsa. Productive plants. Fruits are about 9 cm long, with thin walls. From Curico, Chile. 90-100 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,49

Pepper Aji Dulce              (Capsicum chinense)

A very unique pepper with exceptional taste and just a bit of heat. Sweet flavor with spicy, tropical aroma. In other words, a habanero without the painful bite! Good for latin american rice dishes (arroz con ...), beans, soups, etc. Top shaped, 1-inch fruits, some more flattened. Good ornamental. From Venezuela. Popular in Puerto Rico. Also known as Rocotillo, Cachucha. 90-110 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Aji Limon                          

Gorgeous lemon-colored peppers revealing a hot and fruity taste. Used in peruvian dishes to spice up fish, ceviche and sea foods. Peppers are bright yellow, thin-walled, slightly wrinkled and about 9 cm long. It is a Capsicum baccatum, which takes a while to produce ripe peppers. Pods start to turn yellow in September. Large plant with sprawling stems. Peru. 100-120 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Aka "Lemon Drop", "Hot Lemon" and "Kellu Uchu".  Do not mistake for "Aji Limo", another peruvian variety.

Pepper Aji Panca      (Capsicum baccatum)  

Wel- known pepper in Peru for making salsa, stews, escabeche and to flavor fish. Often sold dried or in a paste. Peppers turn brownish red when mature, and burgundy brown when dried. Flavor gets better when dried (smoky). Medium heat. Popular pepper with the Aji Amarillo in Peru. Like some other C. baccatum, it takes a while though to get ripe peppers (September-October). At least 100 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Alma Paprika

White tomato peppers gradually blushing to red. Beautiful. Slightly hot, but milder when seeds and veins are removed. Said to be one of the best for making homemade paprika, though its has thick walls and may not be easy top dry. Also good fresh. Round, flattened fruits, 5-6 cm by 3,5 cm. Thick flesh: 8 mm. Small, compact plants. 70-80 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Anaheim         (New Mexican, Numex) 

Long tapered peppers used frequently in southwest cuisine (Tex-Mex). Also know as Numex. Very popular for grilling. Can also be used dried for ristras or stuffed for making chili rellenos. 80 days. Anaheim peppers grown here in Quebec did not have much heat (barely noticeable).
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Ancho

Dark green, heart-shaped peppers with glossy skin. 15 cm long. Only slightly hot. Popular mexican pepper used for chiles rellenos (stuffed peppers) and moles. Called Poblano fresh and Ancho once dried. Excellent for stuffing or cooking on the grill. Tall plants (75 cm). Often served stuffed with refried beans or meat and covered with melted cheese. 90-95 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Big Cayenne

Larger Cayenne type that can reach up to 25 cm long (10 "). They can be picked green or later when they turn red. Can be eaten fresh or dried. Slightly wrinkled and twisted. 25 cm long by 2,5 to 4 cm wide. Click thumbnails for details. Heat goes from medium to quite hot. Remove seeds and veins for less heat. Tall plants, close to 1 m tall. Around 85 days (green), 100+ days (red).
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,49

Pepper Biquinho              

Small brazilian pepper with distinctive shape and medium heat. Nice aromatic flavor, fruity and spicy. If you like Aji Dulce and Trinidad peppers, you will love this one. Small fruits, about 3 cm long, growing in large numbers. Ornamental and delicious. Uniquely shape, like a small beak. Brazil. 100-120 days. 
Packet of 10 seeds: $3,49

Pepper Black Pearl                     

Stunning variety with purple-black leaves and fruits. The plants first start green and turn darker as they get more sun. The peppers are marble-sized, purple-black, turning later to red. They can be eaten, though they are incredibly hot (beware). Well adapted to hot weather and easily grown in pots. AAS 2006 Winner.  85 days (black).
Packet of 8 seeds: $3,49

Pepper Cascabel

Mexican strain with tomato like, small rounded fruits (3-5cm). When dried they turn brown and produce an unusual rattlesnake-like sound when shaken (thus their name). Used mainly dried. Medium heat. 90 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Pepper Cayenne

Long, narrow red fruits about 10 cm long that are used mainly to make Cayenne pepper (once dried and grounded). They can also be used fresh. Popular in Caribbean or Thai cuisine. Very hot!
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Charapita 

A rare variety from the Amazon, bearing tiny, orange fruits. Medium heat and nice fruity undertones. Bushy, compact plants, around 40 cm high.
Both ornamental and tasty. Very small fruits (1 cm).Peppers start to turn orange here in September. 100-120 days. Amazon, Peru. 
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Cherry Hot     (Cherry Bomb, Cerise Fort, Satan Kiss, Bacio di Satana)

Golfball-size red fruits on a beautiful compact, ornamental plant. Good fresh, dried or for pickled chiles. Sweet and very, very hot! Also known as "Cherry Bomb". 85 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

  Pepper Chi-Chien              

Chinese variety with clumps of small red peppers growing upwards. Very hot. Thin walls, easy to dry. 6 to 7,5 cm long. Ripe peppers turn to dark red. Plants are bout 45 to 60 cm high. Ornamental value. Popular in chinese cuisine. 80 days.

Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Pepper Chocolate Cherry

Nice round chocolate fruits with reddish tinge. Hot. Uncommon. Fruit size ia about 4 cm.
Packet of more than 15 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Conquistador

Anaheim type known for its absolute lack of heat (or very little). Great for grilling, stuffing, and chili rellenos. Thick walls. Nice flavor. Plants are about 70 cm high. 75 days. Treated seeds (thiram).
Packet of 25 seeds: $1,99

Pepper de Arbol   (Chile del Arbol)           

Small Mexican peppers that are quite hot (8 on the Scoville scale). Small, about 7 cm long. Thin flesh, so they are quite easy to dry. Can then be grounded like Cayenne pepper. Tall plants, about 1,20 m high. 90 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Pepper Bolivian Rainbow         (Arc-en-Ciel)   

Highly ornamental peppers that are ripening in that order: purple, yellow, orange and then red. Can be grown in a container. About 1 foot high. Very, very hot. 80 days.
Packet of 10 seeds $2,99

For a similar variety, see NuMex Twilight.

Pepper Nosegay

One of the smallest strain in the world, with tiny plants barely reaching 12 to 15 cm high. Can be easily grown in flower boxes and small pots. Also nice in borders. Small marble-size fruits grow in tight clusters. Nice laurel-like foliage. Click thumbnails for details. Edible fruits with medium heat. 70-80 days. 
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

piment d'Espelettepiment d'Espelette Pepper Espelette  

Basque variety from Northern Spain renowned all around the world for its rich flavor. Well balanced heat, somewhere between Paprika and Cayenne. Slightly curved red fruits, 10 cm by 3 cm. Medium thickness walls (3-4 mm). Sold in european markets on ristras or as ground pepper. Grows well in Quebec. Delicious, especially in powdered form. About 80 days. Limited stock (smaller packets).
Packet of 8 seeds: $3,49

  Pepper Espanola    (Improved)

Selected in the mountains of northern New Mexico for short seasons. Dark green, smooth skin peppers. Thin walls. Slender and pointy, 12 to 15 cm long. Quite hot. Used green or red, and also dried. Early and productive. Well adapted to Quebec. 70-75 jours
Packet of 25 seeds: $2,49

 Pepper Fatalii        (Capsicum chinense)       

Habanero type with long, pointed, slightly wrinkled
yellow fruits. Very, very hot. Fruits are about 6 to 8 cm long, with a citrusy-fuity flavor followed by a burning sensation. Use carefully, and in small amounts. Remove veins for less heat. Plant height: 60 cm. From Africa. 100 days. 
Packet of 10 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Fresno               

Jalapeno-style peppers with a slightly more conical shape, thinner walls and an upward growing habit. Versatile, can be used for a number of preparations (salsa, nachos, canning, etc.). The green pods are moderately hot (Jalapeno), but when they turn red, they step it up a few notches. An early variety well adapted for northern gardeners. 75 days. 
Packet of 15 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Habanero       (Capsicum chinense)

One of the hottest peppers in the world, 20 to 50 hotter than Jalapeno! Lantern-shaped, wrinkled dark green fruits turning orange when ripe. Burning taste with fruity, apricot undertones. Cut peppers with gloves to prevent burning. Remove veins and seeds to lessen heat. Popular in the Caribbean. 90-100 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Habanero Caribbean Red             

Red habanero type, even hotter than the regular habanero (1,2 to 2 times hotter). Bright red fruits, some smooth, some more wrinkled, round to elongated in shape, 2 to 4 cm long. Said to be sweeter and tasting a bit like strawberry (?). From Yucatan, grown in the Caribbean. Plants about 75 cm high. Around 90-110 days. 
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,49

Pepper Hungarian Black   (Hongrois Noir)

Looks like Purple Jalapeno (below) but slightly larger and wider. Also, the heat will dissipate when it's completely ripe. 5-6 cm.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

jwala Pepper India Jwala 

Large plants covered with a myriad of white flowers turning later into a multitude of small curled peppers. At least 50 peppers per plant. Light green, wrinkled, narrow (1 cm by 10 cm). Quite hot. Thin walls, dries easily. From Bengal, India. 80 days (green), 120 days (red). Lower germination (40%), but packet doubled to 40 seeds.
Packet of 40 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Jalapeno   (Capsicum annuum)

The archetype of the mexican peppers and one of the most well known in the world. Named after the city of Xalapa. Stocky and tapered dark green peppers. Great flavor with a nice bite. Used extensively in every kind of salsa and mexican meals. They are also sold as pickled peppers. Each plant yields about 15 peppers. Can be frozen. Remove veins and seeds for less heat. 75 days.
Packet of 25 seeds: 1,99$

Pepper Purple Jalapeno

Jalapeno type that will start green and ripen to purple, then dark purple, to turn finally red. Quite hot when dark purple (about twice as hot as the jalapeno). Thin flesh. About 5-6 cm long. 75 days.
Sold out.

Pepper Jalapeno TAM         (Tam Jalapeno)

A milder jalapeno strain. Excellent for fresh use: sliced or diced and then added to nachos or tacos for an extra kick. The frozen peppers are easy to grate. Dark green peppers (6.25 by 3.25 cm) with medium-thick walls. Resistant to several diseases (TMV, TEV, PEMV, PYV). Bred at Texas A&M. 65-70 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Jamaican Hot Yellow 
   (Yellow Scoth Bonnet)    

A yellow Scotch bonnet variety with scorching heat. Thin walls, heavily wrinkled, and taking a variety of shapes, some of which really like a scoth bonnet. About 5 cm by 3,5 cm. Compact plants. C. chinense. Late, starts ripening in September around here. 100-120 days.  
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Joe E. Parker          

NuMex type with thick, crunchy flesh. For chili rellenos (stuffed peppers), southwest-style grilling, or any other NuMex recipe. Long pods, 15 to 18 cm long. Tasty, low heat peppers. Usually eaten when still green. Similar to NuMex Big Jim below, but shorter, stouter pods, an a bit earlier. 70 days (green), 95 days (red).
Packet of 20 seed: $1,99

Link: NuMex peppers, with recipes, pictures and videos

  Pepper Medusa

Dwarf plants barely reaching 15-20 cm high. One of the smallest variety with Nosegay. Tightly packed flowers and peppers on a well-branched bushy plant. Peppers matures from cream to yellow, orange and red. Although it is listed in Hot Peppers, these have no heat at all. Child safe.
Packet of 25 seeds: $2,49

Pepper NuMex Big Jim             

NuMex type with very long pods and low heat. For chili rellenos (stuffed peppers), southwest-style grilling, or any other NuMex recipe. One plant can produce up to 30 pods, which can grow over 30 cm long. Supposedly holds the record for the longest pepper in the Guiness Book of Records (?). Generally eaten when still green. New Mexico (USA). Around 80 days (green).
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Link: NuMex peppers, with recipes, pictures and videos

Pepper NuMex Twilight         

Ornamental type with small, 3 cm peppers that change color from purple, lavender, yellow, orange and red. Each plant is simultaneously covered with different colored peppers. Good ornamental. Can be grown in pots. Edible peppers, but very, very hot! 100-120 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,49

Pepper Padron                 


Spanish heirloom served traditionally in tapas bars, cooked in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Most of the time, it shows no heat, only a nice green pepper taste and a mild bitterness. But sometimes, you get a real fiery one. Thus its nickname: the "russian roulette pepper". These peppers are picked ideally when they are very young, at only 4-5 cm long. If you picked them later, they will become quite hot. Deep green pods, 4 to 10 cm long, thin walls. "Pimiento de Padron". Northwest Spain, Galicia. Early, about 65 days (green).
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Nice blog with recipe, info and pictures of the Padron pepper

Pepper Paprika Boldog     

This variety is purported to be the original pepper used for making paprika in Hungary, aka "the real paprika", which is much more flavorful that the commerical one. And yes, after tasting it, it is actually much better, with a complex, rich earthy taste and a bit of heat too. Peppers get a more subtle, fuller taste after drying. Medium thin walls, relatively easy to dry. Moderate heat. Long, tapered pods, deep red, 15 to 20 cm long. Used in Hungary to prepare such dishes as the popular goulash and chicken paprikash. For less heat, remove seeds and veins. 90-110 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,49

pasilla bajio   Pepper Pasilla Bajio

Though used sometimes fresh in mexican meals, Pasilla peppers are mainly used dried and grounded to flavor the moles (thick sauces). Long and narrow, shiny dark green peppers reaching up to 20 cm long and then turning brown when ripening. Low heat and rich smoky flavor with hints of raisins and cocoa. Dried peppers can be grounded top make a flavorful paprika. Called Chilaca when fresh. Bajio strain resistant to TMV. 80 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

            marseillais Pepper Petit Marseillais         

Yellow-orange pepper with delicious sweet flavor and only a trace of heat. Glossy pods, wrinkled, with thin walls. 8-10 cm long. Small plants, about 60 cm. From south of France. 70 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

picante a cuorepicanteacuore
Pepper Piccante a Cuore  

Short plants, 20 cm high, covered with tight clusters of small marble-size peppers. Like Cherry Bomb, but smaller. Peppers are round to strawberry-shaped, about 2-3 cm wide. Great for growing in pots or limited spaces. Very hot! From Italy.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49


Pepper Rocoto Yellow      Rocoto Amarillo, Manzano, Locoto, Canario  (Capsicum pubescens)

An altogether different species of Capsicum (C. pubescens) with very unique characteristics. It has hairy leaves, purple flowers and dark brown seeds. Stems get also rigid (woody). Tolerant to light frosts (- 5 C), can live up to 15 years and get huge. Fruits are golden yellow, more or less pear shaped, 6-7 cm long. Glossy skin. Thick, juicy flesh. Quite hot! Used fresh to make salsa. From the Andes, grown in high altitudes all over central and south america. Also known as Manzano ("Apple"-Pepper), Pern ("Pear"-Pepper) or Pepper Tree. 120 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Santa Fe Grande

Southwestern strain producing jalapeno-like, pale yellow fruits. They eventually ripen to orange and then turn red. 3 cm by 6-8 cm long. Good in salsas, for cooking or pickling. Medium heat. Very productive, 20 to 50 peppers on a single plant. Southwest United States. 75-80 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Serrano Tampiqueno

Special serrano cultivar with beautiful downy, grayish green leaves. Very hot peppers! Used in salsas, chilis, etc. Well branched plants, 1 m high. Small elongated fruits, 3 to 4 cm long. Click thumbnails for details. 80 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Shishito   

Very productive dwarf japanese variety yielding dozens of wrinkled hot peppers. Shishito is a japanese frying pepper with medium heat, also used to flavor tempuras and other meals. Also known as Sweet Wrinkled Old Man. Early, ripen quite fast. Very thin walls, easy to dry. Well branched plants, about 35 cm high.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Tabasco 

Very hot peppers used to make the famous Tabasco sauce. The plants are covered with 5-cm fruits maturing from white to yellow, orange and to red. Ornamental value. Tall plants, up to 1,5 m high. From Tabasco state, Mexico.  90 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,49.

Pepper Thai Chili

Small dark green peppers growing upward on a tall plant. Similar to the small thai peppers commonly sold in markets. Quite hot. Can be picked green or red. 100 days. Germination: 70%, but packet now has 30 seeds.
Packet of 30 seeds: $1,99

thai long sweet Pepper Thai Long Sweet

Pale green, small 11-cm peppers. Ripen late in September. Very hot! Tall plants, 1 m high.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Pepper Trinidad 
       (Trinidad Perfume)      

Highly fragrant peppers but with only a hint of heat. Like a tamed habanero: you get all the spicy, fruity flavor, but without the hellish fury. Golden yellow fruits, 4-5 cm, lantern-shaped. Interesting flavor, similar to Aji Dulce. 90-100 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

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