Melons and watermelons

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Melons   (muskmelons, cantaloupes, etc.)

Ananas  (Ananas des Ameriques)

Dark green, large oval melons with orange skin when ripe. Flesh is white and very sweet, with an undertone of pineapple. Large vines. 80 days. Packet is 10 seeds: $1,99

Ananas d'Amérique à Chair Verte   

Old heirloom dating back to the 1800's. Pale green flesh is sweet, juicy and highly aromatic. Round fruit, slightly ribbed, with netted skin. Ripens from green to golden yellow. Small to medium (11-14 cm). Name is french for : "Pineapple of America with green flesh". 80 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99


Italian cantaloup variety with bright orange flesh. Very fragrant and tasty. Small to medium size round fruits (15 to 20 cm) with netted skin. Productive. 85 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99


Banana-shaped cantaloupe that can reach up to 40 cm long. Salmon-orange flesh can get very sweet when fully ripe. Best grown in the north under polytunnels. 90-95 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Boule d'Or

Old french heirloom with golden yellow skin and tasty pale green flesh. Fragrant. Keeps well. About 20 cm. Described by Vilmorin-Andrieux in1883. Also known as Golden Perfection. Around 95 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $3,49


Gourmet type from France with renowned wonderful flavor. Very fragrant! One ripe Chatentais will fill a room with its incredible smell. Sweet, aromatic thick orange flesh. Round fruits, medium size, grey-silver skin striped with green. 90-105 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $1,99

Collective Farm Woman         

One of the few honeydew types well adapted for northern regions. Yellowish white flesh is very sweet. Keeps well after harvest. Discovered in a collective farm in Ukraine. Early for an inodorus type. Round fruits, medium size. 80-85 days. Yellow Krim.
Packet of 8 seeds: $2,99


Elongated, acorn-shaped melon with pinkish flesh. Delicious, unique sweet flavor. Yellow skin, corrugated. Large: 23 cm by 18 cm. A bit late to grow outside in Quebec. 85 to110 days, depending on sources.
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,49

 Melon Délice de Table

Old french heirloom that became almost extinct. Heavily ribbed fruits, looking like pumpkins. About 450 g. Described by Vilmorin, 1885. 85-90 days. Rare. 
Sold out.


Melon Montreal       (Melon de Montreal, Montreal Market melon)

Heirloom from Montreal that was cultivated up until 1905 in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, on the foothills of Mount Royal, Montreal. The Montreal Melon green flesh melts in your mouth, it is very juicy, tender and extremely sweet (when fully ripe). Delicious. Round Nutmeg type with reticulated beige skin. About 20 cm, 5 kg. Does not keep well at all. Eat right after harvest. Some variations in shape, more or less round. Good ripening at the end of season is critical to get nice melons. Zone 5 maximum. 90 days. Limited stock.
Sold out.
For a similar variety, see below Rocky Ford.

Emerald Gem 

Small melons with emerald green skin and juicy orange flesh. Sweet, honey-like flavor, delicious. Introduced in 1886. Good yields. Small size: 10-13 cm. Well adapted to the north. Early. 70-90 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Irondequoit  (Iroquois) 

Large cantaloupe deeply netted and ribbed. Large size: 18-20 cm, 4-5 kg. Thick salmon flesh, quite sweet. Keeps very well. Early: between 75 et 90 days depending on source. Adapted to the north. See also Planter's Jumbo and Schoon's Hardshell.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Israeli    (Old Israel, Old Original) 

Galia style melon with sweet aromatic flesh. Oval-round fruits, yellowish orange, slightly netted. Larger, up to 3 kg. 90-95 days. Similar to Ogen or Galia. Treated seeds.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Minnesota Midget 

Incredibly small cantaloupes, the size of an apple! Very compact vine too: 1 to 1,5 m. And also very early: 65 days. The perfect melon for small gardens, trellises, balconies and northern climates with short seasons. This one will produce everywhere cucumbers can be grown. Early: 65 days.
Packet of 25 seeds: $2,49

Noir des Carmes

Nice dark fruits shaped like squashes. Delicious orange flesh. Turn to tan-orange when ripe. Was grown in France under cold frames to supply melons during winter.  Medium size: 10 to 15 cm. Early: 75 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,49

Nutmeg Extra Early 
       (Extra Early Knight)

Very easy melons to grow in the north. Wonderful sweet green flesh. Firm. Small melons shaped like a nutmeg nut or rounded (10 to 12 cm). One of the best for northern gardeners. Early: 65-70 days. Recommended.
Sold out.

Ogen      (Hogen, Haogen, Ha'Ogen)   

Wonderful melon from Israel with superb fruity flavor. Aromatic, sweet, thick pale green flesh with incredible tropical flavor. Small size: only 15 cm. Can easily be grown on a trellis. Thin rind turning gold when ripe. Undoubtedly, one of the best! Can be successfully grown in southern Quebec (zone 5).  85 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

melon oka 
Oka      (Bizard Island Strain)

Quebec heirloom with scalloped fruits, grown by the trapist monks of Oka. Had almost disappeared but was rediscovered on Bizard Island (Montreal). Thick orange flesh, aromatic. About 15 cm wide. 90 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Petit Gris De Rennes

Of the most renowned melon in the world, along with Charentais, with delicate, fine aroma and very sweet taste. Beautiful mottled skin, grey-green and then turning yellow. Small size, oval, 12-13 cm. Thin rind and thick flesh. Can be grown in Quebec in zone 5. Very sweet, with brown sugar or maple syrup aroma. French Heirloom. About 85 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Petit Gris in France:

Planter's Jumbo 

Large cantaloupe type with hard shell and thick sweet flesh. Slightly ribbed, netted skin. Large size: 18 cm by 15 cm, weighing between 1,5 and 2 kg. Uniform shape. Vigorous plants. Popular in farmers' markets. Good shipper. 85-90 days. Treated seeds.
Sold out.

Prescott Fond Blanc

White melons shaped like pumpkins. Delicious salmon flesh with rich, sweet taste. Fragrant, wonderful aroma. Grayish skin is covered with warts. Small-medium size: 2 to 4 kg. Old heirloom dating back to at least 1850. Was popular in markets in France. Also known as Prescott Fond Blanc de Paris. 90 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Rocky Ford    (Eden Gem, Rocky Ford Green Flesh)

A nutmeg type with nice green flesh and golden center. Unique, spicy or musky flavor. Also called Eden Gem. Netted green skin. Roundish, medium size fruits, 12 to 14 cm. Introduced in 1881. 90 days.
Packet of 25 seeds: $2,49

Schoon's Hardshell   (New Yorker)

Early cantaloupe strain from Northeast USA. Heavily netted skin. Thick orange flesh. Keeps well, hard shell. Round, 16 cm, 2,2 kg. Sweet (12 brix). Early: 80 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,49


Striking fruits with yellow skin and reddish stripes. Very fragrant. White flesh is medium sweet. Easy to make it climb. Similar in some ways to Queen's Ann Pocket melon, but sweeter. Grapefruit size. 85 days.
Packet of 8 seeds: $2,99

          zatta melon zatta 

Very old heirloom with irregular skin covered with warts. In Italy, it is referred to as "brutto ma buono" (ugly but good). Cantaloupe type with aromatic, sweet salmon flesh. Fragrant. Skin turns yellow when ripe. 85-90 days. Rare! Packet of 5 seeds: $2,49


Watermelon Crimson Sweet

Crispy and juicy red flesh that is very sweet, with few seeds. Big, round to oval fruits weighing more than 8kg (20 lbs), 30cm by 40cm, with smooth, striped green skin. 2m long vine, resistant to fusarium et anthracnose. 85-90 days. Treated seeds.
Packet of 10 seeds: $1,99


Watermelon Golden Midget

These small watermelons tell you when they are ripe: they change from green to golden yellow. Salmon flesh, fragrant, medium sweet. Let it ripen for a long time. Small, icebox size: about 15 cm and 1,2 kg. You can easily make the vines climb. Well adapted to short seasons. Early: 65-70 days.
Packet of 8 seeds: $2,49

Watermelon Sugar Baby

6" to 8" (15-20 cm) round fruits have a bright red flesh that is crispy, juicy and very sweet. The most popular of the icebox size watermelons. Adapted to shorter growing seasons. 75 days. Open pollinated.
Packet is 20 seeds: $1,99

Watermelon Sweet Siberian

A wonderful variety, well adapted for northern climates. Delicious orange flesh, crispy, sweet and fruity. Melons are oval to pear shape, about 25 cm long. First fruits were ready by August 15th in southern Quebec. Beautiful, orange-apricot flesh. Excellent taste. Early: 75-80 days.
Packet of 8 seeds: $3,49

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