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Cucumber Yamato    
(Extra Long Yamato, Yamato Sanjaku)    

Oriental variety with long, thin fruits reaching 30 to 40 cm long. Sweet and crisp. Green skin with yellow lines. Grow plants on support to get straight fruits. Also known as
"Extra Long Yamato" and "Yamato Sanjaku". Remplaces "Kyoto 3 feet". 60 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

  Pepper Chi-Chien

Chinese variety with clumps of small red peppers growing upwards. Very hot. Thin walls, easy to dry. 6 to 7,5 cm long. Ripe peppers turn to dark red. Plants are bout 45 to 60 cm high. Ornamental value. Popular in chinese cuisine. 80 days.

Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

  Pepper Emerald Giant

Big blocky sweet peppers with thick walls. Four lobes, 9 cm X 11 cm. Can be picked green or when they turn red and get sweet. For fresh eating, grilling, stuffing, etc. Plants are bout 60 cm tall. Replaces Early Niagara Giant.
75 days. Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Tomato P20 Blue      (P20 Blue tomato, OSU Blue Tomato)

An astonishing dark purple tomato coming from the breeding work of Jim Myers from Oregon State University (OSU). Green fruits turn gradually to dark purple when exposed to sunlight. Click thumbnails for details. The bottom half of the ripe tomatoes then turns red. Medium size, round fruits, about 5 to 7 cm. Pinkish red flesh, with subtle, aromatic and fruity flavor. Not bland. Foliage turns purple under cold conditions. Around 80-90 days. Aka OSU Blue tomato. Rare!
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

  Tomato Campbell 33     (Campbell 33 OP)   

Selected by Campbell, famous for its tomato soup. Red globes, slightly flattened, medium size (200-250 g). Good production. Can be used fresh (sandwich, salads, etc.) or for transformation (tomato soup, canning). Resistant VF (verticillium, fusarium). Crask resistant, smooth fruits. Determinate. Early. 70 days.
Packet of 25 seeds: $1,99

 Tomato Floradade  (Flora-Dade, Floradade OP)

Variety selected by the Univeristy of Florida for growing in hot and humid consitions. Good disease resistance (Fusarium 1 & 2, Verticilum 1, Stemphyliose). Productive plants bearing red globes, slightly flattened, smooth and firm, medium size (150-200 g). Determinate. 75-78 days. Popular in the markets of southeast USA. Selected in 1976. Packet of 25 seeds: $1,99

 Tomato Heinz 2274   

Selected by Heinz for making ketchup, paste and sauce. Red fruits are round, slightly angular,and medium size (130 g). Very firm tomato, good shipper. Good producer. Crack resistant.  Excellent canning tomato. Determinate. 80 days.
Packet of 25 seeds: $1,99

Tomato Gajo de Melon

Variety known for its sweet, fruity flavor, reminiscent of Sungold or Isis Candy. Yellow gold to pinkish orange fruits, more or less mottled or marbled. Round to oval. Cherry size (2,5 to 3 cm). Warning: tomato shape and color seemed to change from plant to plant when grown in 2010 (fully stabilized?) 80 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Tomato Maglia Rosa

Romanette or saladette type fruits with mottled pink-orange skin. Smooth tomatoes, fairly regular, no major defects. Pointy tips. Click thumbnails for details. Approximately 10 fruits per cluster, each about 5 cm long. Fresh, acidic flavor. Medium size plants (1,2 m), which seemed to be semi-determinate. 70 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,49

Tomato Michael Pollan   

Weirdly shaped, Green Zebra-type tomatoes on a multiflora plant. Click thumbnails for details. Different forms : egg, pear or heart-shaped. Medium size, 6 to 8 cm. Multiflora type, with loads of flowers, but only part of them turn into tomatoes, each cluster bearing from 10 to 20 fruits. Good acidic-tart flavor reminiscent of Green Zebra. Selected by botanist Michael Pollan, author of  "The Botany of Desire". 80-90 days.
Packet of 8 seeds: $2,99

 Tomato Topaz      (Huan U) 

Nice yellow globe tomatoes with green stripes. Stripes slowly fade to yellow and on fully ripe fruits they can barely be seen. Fairly regular tomatoes, about 4-5 cm. Chinese variety, also called Huan U, yellow counter part of its sister Violet Jasper (see below). Mild flavor, no acidity. Early and productive. Around 70 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Tomato Violet Jasper   
(Tzi Bi U)
Wonderful chinese variety, also called "Tzi Bi U", with beautiful purple-red fruits covered with green stripes. Click thumbnails for details. Round fruits, fairly regular, about 4-5 cm wide. Nice flavor. Quite early and productive, grows well in the north. 60 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

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