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  Eggplant Antigua  
Beautiful white fruits with purple stripes. Turn pale lavender when ripening. Elongated teardrop shape, 15 to 20 cm long. White soft flesh, no biterness. 80 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

  Basil Lime

Very nice citrusy flavor reminiscent of lime
Unique. For oriental cuisine, soups, noodles, salads, sauces, etc., and why not gelatos too. Lots of possibilities. 30-45 cm. From Thailand.
Packet of 50 seeds: $2,99

Watermelon Sweet Siberian

A wonderful variety, well adapted for northern climates. Delicious orange flesh, crispy, sweet and fruity. Melons are oval to pear shape, about 25 cm long. First fruits were ready by August 15th in southern Quebec. Beautiful, orange-apricot flesh. Excellent taste. Early: 75-80 days.
Packet of 8 seeds: $3,49

Pepper Corbaci

Turkish variety with very long, thin, twisted peppers. Can reach up to 30 cm long. May look like a hot pepper at first glance, but it has no heat at all. Sweet type. For freah eating or drying (ristras, flakes, sweet paprika). Ripens from pale green to yellow, orange and then red. Beautiful plants in late summer, with al the different shades. Some pods grow like a pig's tail or a corksrew. Tall plants (1 m). Productive.
Germination rate: 70-75%, spread out gradually over 2-3 weeks.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Joe's Long

Cayenne type with extra long, thin pods reaching up to 30 cm long. Bright red fruits with medium heat. Dries fairly well, good for flakes or ground hot pepper. Heat level increses with maturity of pods.. Tall plants, 1 m. Very productive. Originally from Italy, then brought to North America. About 90 dats (red).
Probably the longest hot pepper out there. Germination: 70%.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99 

Peach Habanero   

Gorgeous peppers in a nice shade of pale peach. Click thumbnails for details. 6-7 cm long, slightly wrinkled. Fruity flavor and very hot. Productive. 90 days. 
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Sandia

A NuMex/anahiem type with medium heat. Used green for salsas, chili rellenos, or grilled peppers. Southwest-style food, Tex-Mex, NuMex. When red, can also be dried and used for ristras or ground pepper. Heat level increases with maturity of peppers. Slighty curved, elongated pods, 15 to 18 cm.  Thick walls. Productive plants, 1 m. Selected by the University of New Mexico. 75 days.   
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Pepper Sonora

A NuMex/Anaheim type with very little heat. Ideal for chili rellenos, Tex-Mex or NuMex cuisine, grilled peppers, salsas, etc. Versatile. Usually picked green. Elongated pods, 20 to 25 cm long. Good yields. 75-80 days.

Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Pepper Zavory

All the tropical fruity aroma of the habanero but without the blazing heat! Very tamed. Pods can be eaten right off the plant, without worrying about getting burned.  Just a little heat. The sweet, apricot-like taste of the Zavory, and its low heat, is ideal for preparing mango or peach salsa. Nice also with rice dishes. Pods are bright red, 5 -7 cm long.  90 days (red) . Capsicum chinense.  See also Aji Dulce and Trinidad Perfume, for similar varieties.

Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Pepper Nocera 
(Nocera Giallo)

Italian strain with very large, elongated blocky peppers. Look like a Lamuyo spanish type, but with golden yellow pods. Sweet type. 18 cm long by 8 cm wide. Four lobes. Nice, sweet taste. Rare in North America. Around 80 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Tomato Belmonte

Reknowned italian variety bearing large pink tomatoes. Beautiful fruits, with slightly to moderately ribbed shoulders. Shape goes from flattened (in very large tomatoes) to round, to almost oxheart (oval). Fine flesh, good taste. The last tomatoes of the season look nice, pale pink and with still some green in them. Shoulders sometimes remain yellow on the ripe tomatoes. Large: 350 to 500 grams. Hard to find in North America. 80 days. Rare!
Limited stock.
Packet of 10 seeds: $3,49

There is also an elongated pink oxheart named "Belmonte", and also a red ruffled pear type. We offer the large pink type, with slightly to moderately ribbed shoulders.  

Gold Medal

Larege to very large golden yellow fruits with rosy red stripes. Flattened, lobed and ruffled. Can reach up to 1 kilo. Very nice marbled flesh. Sweet taste, low acidity. Still early for a tomato of this size. 80 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Tomato Super Sioux

Bright red, round fruits, ranging from 5 to 10 cm. Selected to withstand drought and heat. Good acidity. Also known as "Super Lakota". Around 70 dyas. Semi-determinate.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

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