Onions and leek

All prices are in canadian dollars.

Onion Cipollini
White    (Bianca di Maggio)

Small, flattened italian onions with mild, delicate flavor. Used for cooking, salads, pickles. We now offer the Bianca di Maggio strain with white bulbs, 5 to 7 cm wide by 4 cm. Popular in markets. 80 to 100 days.
Packet of 1 g: $2,49

j Onion Sweet Spanish  (Yellow Sweet Spanish Utah, Jumbo Utah)

Large spanish type with sweet, mild white flesh. 10 to 15 cm. This versatile onion can be used fresh, sliced in salads, sandwiches and hamburgers, or for cooking. Long day variety, adapted to northern latitudes. Limited storage. 115 days. Harvest in september in Canada.
Packet is 1 g of seeds (3 m row): $1,49

Onion He Shi Ko Bunching    (type Onion Vert)   (He-Shi-Ko Bunching )     (Allium fistulosum)

Bunching type with small 2-cm bulbs and edible leaves. Used in soups, salads, oriental cuisine, etc. Small bulbs have a stronger flavor. 60-80 days.
Packet of 1 g: $1,49

Onion Yellow of Parma     (Jaune de Parme, Dorato di Parma)

Large top shaped onions with golden yellow skin. Up to 400 g. Long day type. Very good keeper. To get larger onions, start plants inside. From Parma, Italy. 110 days.
Packet of 1 g: $2,99

Onion Long of Tropea    (Tropeana Lunga)

Large elongated bulbs with pink skin used in Mediterranean cuisine and sought by chefs. Can also be picked as bunching onions. From Tropea, Italy. 110 days.
Packet of 1 g: $2,99

Onion Crystal White Wax        (oignon perlé)

Tiny round bulbs used fresh, for cooking or pickling. About 3 cm wide. Mild flavor. Early, 60 days.
Packet of 1 g : $1,99

Onion Round of Tropea   (Tropea Rossa Tonda, Tropeana Tonda)   

One of the most renowned onion of Italy, it even has its own festival. Large top shaped bulbs with rosy-red skins. White flesh is quite sweet. Long day type. Can also be picked young as a bunching onion. 110 days. 
Sold out.

Onion Red of Florence
      (Rouge de Florence, Florence Red) 

Italian variety fro Tuscany with oval bulbs with purplish-red skins. White flesh is mild and sweet. Can be picked young as bunching onions or later (8 cm). Good keeper. Click thumbnails for details. 110 days.
Packet of 1 g: $2,49

Leek "American Flag"     (Large American Flag, Broad London)

Large strain, 38 to 54 cm de high. Thick stems, 3 to 4 cm wide, an 20 cm long. Mild, sweet flavor. Tender. Cold tolerant. Keeps well. To get larger leeks, start plants inside. 130 days.
Packet of 1 g: $1,99

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