Now you have received your seed packets and your are perhaps surprised to see only french instructions.
There are 2 options:

1- Translators

You can use a translation device (translator) available on the internet to translate the instructions given on the packets. It's easy to use. Just enter the text and click.

Links to translation devices:    or

You can also use these same devices to translate the Solana french sowing instructions available on the webpage.
Just copy the urls below and paste them into the box "translate a webpage" (in Babel Fish).

- Sowing instructions in french for vegetables and small fruits:
- Sowing instructions in french for flowers:
- Sowing instructions in french for herbs:
- Sowing instructions in french for exotic plants:

2- Seed Germination Databases

You can use seed germination databases

Search by latin names.

Tomatoes = Lycopersicon    Peppers = Capsicum

For vegetables, annuals and biennials:

For perennials

Trees and shrubs 

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