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Tomatoes   (Lycopersicon esculentum, and  L. pimpinellifolium)

-All tomato varieties are open pollinated (not hybrid), unless stated otherwise.
-All are indeterminate, unless stated otherwise.

 Amana Orange

Large, peach-colored fruits reaching 450 g (1 lb). Round, slightly flattened, nice looking, quite smooth with few cracking. Fleshy and tender. Sweet, subtle, slightly tangy flavor. These tomatoes are very tender and are easily bruised. But if you carefully handle them they will be fine. Around 75 days.
Packets of  20 seeds: $1,99

Amish Paste

Heirloom variety grown by the Amish and rediscovered in Wisconsin. Paste type with red flesh, few seeds and renowned flavor. Oval, slightly elongated shape. Medium size. 85 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Ananas Noire

One of the most unusual coloration, going from dark red to green with shades of yellow in between. Stunning. Click pictures for details. Greenish flesh with red markings. Fruity, spicy taste is reminiscent of both black and bicolor tomatoes. Flavor also changes inside the same fruit. Large size. 80 days. Rare.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Anna Russian         

Tender, sweet and juicy fruits. Oxheart type with pinkish red, elongated fruits. Wispy plants. Very smooth flesh and outstanding flavor. Wait until fruits are really ripe. An excellent variety. 65-75 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,49


Large to very large orangy-red tomato with sweet, fruity taste. Quite tasty for a large bicolor. Can become very large, at about 11 cm and 500 grams. Slightly ribbed, flattened, sometimes lobed. Renowned for its concentrated taste. Rare heirloom. 85 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Aunt Gertie’s Gold     

Renowned tomato variety often ranked among the 10 best american heirlooms. Bright, deep orange fruits with highly pigmented flesh. Very tender, silky and juicy. Intense, very concentrated fruity flavor. Vigorous potato leaf plants, reaching 2 m. Late, 85-90 days. From the Appalachian mountains (US).
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Aunt Ruby's
   (Aunt Ruby's German Green)

Big beefsteak-size green fruits with beautiful emerald gel inside. Stays lime green, even at maturity, with pink stripes. Spicy taste. Packet is 15 seeds: $1,99


Russian heirloom with lemon yellow fruits. Nice clean, zesty flavor. Round and slightly flattened. Medium size, 5 to 10 cm. Very ripe tomatoes turn into a more golden yellow color and shows some red-orange markings at the bottom. Russia. 70-80 days.  .
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Baby Roma                         

A mini version of the popular Roma tomato, with oval-shaped fruits, around 4 cm long, with a firm texture and a nice sweet taste. These keep very well after picking and stay firm for days. They look somewhat like grape tomatoes, but a bit larger. Big clusters, single or double, of 12 to 24 tomatoes, growing on quite tall plants, easily reaching 2 m high. Mini Roma, Cherry Roma. 75-80 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99


Nice looking, small plum shaped pink tomatoes. Slightly angular. 4 to 6 cm. Firm and fleshy. For fresh eating or sauces. Tall potato leaf plants reaching 2 m or more. Long production, until frosts. 75 days. Rare.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99


Red-pink, heavily ribbed, flattened fruits. Very juicy. Medium-small size, about 7-8 cm. Fruits must be eaten soon after harvest. Tropical variety tolerant to some diseases. Determinate. Rather compact plants (1,2 m). About 75 days. Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

 Banana Legs  (Yellow Banana)

Determinate. Elongated, yellow fruits, 10 to 15 cm long. Compact, productive plants. Low acidity, light taste. 75 days. See also "Orange Banana".
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,49

Beauty King                           Back for 2018

Striped type with golden yellow skin and reddish stripes. Medium to large, up to 500 grams. Meaty flesh, sweet taste. Nice colors when cut in half. A cross between Big Rainbow and Green Zebra. Around 80 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Beauty Queen                                
Back for 2018

The little sister of Beauty King (above), with slightly smaller fruits and more intense striping. Medium to medium-large. A beautiful tomato, but with sometimes a few defects. Very good flavor, fruity/sweet.
Packet of 10 seeds: $3,49


Reknowned italian variety bearing large pink tomatoes. Beautiful fruits, with slightly to moderately ribbed shoulders. Shape goes from flattened (in very large tomatoes) to round, to almost oxheart (oval). Fine flesh, good taste. The last tomatoes of the season look nice: pale pink and with still some green. Shoulders sometimes remain yellow, even on the ripe tomatoes. Large: 350 to 500 grams. Hard to find in North America. 80 days. Rare!
Limited stock.
Packet of 10 seeds: $3,49

There is also an elongated pink oxheart named "Belmonte", and another Belmonte with red, ruffled pear-shaped fruits. We offer the large pink type, with slightly to moderately ribbed shoulders.  

Berkeley Tie Dye               

Striking california breed, with purplish red fruits covered with greenish stripes. Named after the well-known Tie Dye T-shirts. Flesh is green and red, and has at the same time a rich and a fruity flavor. Medium sized (6-10 cm). Round, slightly lobed. From a cross between Cherokee Purple and  Green Zebra. Limited quantities (thus, the small amount of seeds per packet). "Pink BerBekeley Tie Dye". 75 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Big Rainbow      

Large to very large tomatoes blushing gradually from pale yellow to bright red. So you get on the same plant differently colored tomatoes at the same time (thus the name). Sweet flavor, meaty, few seeds. Can weigh up to 1 kilo and  reach the size of a grapefruit. Old Amish heirloom. 90 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Big Yellow Zebra   

A yellow-striped tomato with a nice zesty, citrusy flavor. Pale yellow flesh is soft and silky. Medium to large fruits, mostly round, sometimes lobbed. Stripes start green and then turn to dark orange-yellow upon ripening. Aka Pork Chop. 75 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99


Indeterminate variety with dark red, brownish fruits. Flavor is rich and unique. Fruits are 2-3". 85 days.
Packet of 20 seeds : $1,99

Black Brandywine  (True Black Brandywine)     

Brandywine type with dark red-purplish skin and green shoulders. Rich, complex flavor. Variable in shape, usually round and somewhat flattened. Medium to large size. Potato leaf type. This is the original Black Brandywine, also known as "True Black Brandywine"*.80-90 days. Packet of 10 seeds: $2,49

Black Cherry

Beautiful dark brown cherry tomato with some purplish hues. Click thumbnails for larger view. Very nice flavor! Large cherry size (cocktail tomato). Mix them with other cherry types for a colorful display. 65 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,49

Black from Tula

Nice looking, uniform fruits without almost any defects and with an excellent taste. Rich, complex flavor with fruity undertones. This is without a doubt one of the tastiest black tomatoes. Firm fruits. Round, medium size. 80-85 days.
Sold out.
Black Krim

Medium size tomatoes with brownish red skin and green shoulders. Flesh is dark red with greenish gel, with a rich, sometimes salty flavor. From the Black Sea region of Russia 70-90 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Black Plum

Dark red, brownish plum tomato. Oval shape, medium size. Very productive. Tall plants. From Russia.
Packet is 20 seeds: $1,99

Black Prince

Dark red tomato with strong flavor, but a bit sweeter than the Black variety. Medium size, round.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Black Sea Man 

Black variety with a rich tomato flavor showing a hint of saltiness. Dark red, purplish fruits with green shoulders. Nice marbled flesh. Medium size. Good production. This is the Black sea man strain with standard leaves. 75 days. Determinate.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Black Zebra

No, this is not a GMO, only a weird twist on the green zebra variety. Dark crimson skin striped in green (click on photos). One of the most bizarre tomatoes. For more flavor, fruits can be picked before complete ripeness. Round, medium size. 80 days. See also "Black Zebra Cherry" below.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

Black Zebra Cherry        

Cocktail size tomato with dark red skin and green stripes. So basically, a smaller version of Black Zebra. Tomatoes are amazingly firm, but they are also very good tasting (tangy-fruity). Round, 3-4 cm wide fruits with dark red flesh. Compact plants, about 40 cm high, determinate. About 70 days.
Rare, hard-to-find variety!
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Blue Pear                                                  New for 2018

A new blue variety featuring beautifully colored tomatoes and great taste. Wonderful palette of colors changing gradually from green to yellow-orange and then red, with dark purple at all stages. The side of the the tomato exposed to direct sunlight will get the dark purple coloration. Delicious pink flesh, aromatic and fruity, with a good balance of acidity. Remarkable taste. To eat fresh or for sauce. Variable shapes, from oval, flattened to pear-shaped. Most are shaped like a flattened pear.. Size goes from medium to large. Anthocyanin variety ("antho"). Click thumbnails for details. A selection made by Ruslan Doohov (Dukhov) in Ukraine. About 80 days.
Packet of 10 seed: $2,99


Beautiful mini saladette type featuring a yellow skin blushing with orangey-pinkish stripes. Nice fruity flavor. Dense flesh, not a whole lot of juice -and potentially a good yellow tomato sauce. Nice-looking tomatoes, not prone to cracking. Keeps also very well both on the plant and after harvest. It is important to let them fully
ripen to allow full flavor to emerge. 8 to 16 fruits per cluster, each about 6 cm long. Looks like a yellow version of Maglia Rosa. 80 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Boars Hoof

Nice purplish tomato, the shape and size of an egg. New variety from California, potato leaf type (var. grandifolium). Around 80 days. Rare!
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,49

For a very similar type, see also below Evans Purple Pear.

Box Car Willie

Heirloom favorite with big red beefsteak fruits and good old-fashioned flavor. Limited quantity.
Small packet of 10 seeds: $1,99

Blue Pitts      

Large cherry type going from green to lavender, to dark purple, and then to pinkish red, with some intermediate shades in between. Most of the tomatoes end up turning to a pinkish red, some with a faint purple blush. Click thumbnails for details. Another Tom Wagner selection, anthocyanin type (like OSU Blue). Round fruit, 3-4 cm. About 70 days. 
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,99

Brad's Black Heart             

A black oxheart!  Large fruits, oxheart type, with plenty of tender, juicy flesh. Delicious. Nice, rich aromatic flavor.  Skin color is dark red with purplish hues. Slightly variable shape, usually like a fat strawberry. Medium size plants, about 1 m tall. Recently selected by Bradley Gates from California. 90 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99


Indeterminate variety renowned for its outstanding flavor and its large meaty fruits. A heirloom classic worth a try. This is the Pink Brandywine strain. 80 days. 
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,49

  Brown Berry     

Wonderful dark red cherry tomato with excellent, rich flavor. Intense aroma. Well formed fruits, good quality. Cherry size, with a slightly oval shape.
75 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Burracker's Favorite        

A very large bicolor than can reach almost one kilogram (2 lbs), with a nice, sweet fruity flavor. Huge golden fruits with red bellies and some marbling. From the Appalachian mountains, Blue Ridge, Virginia. 90 days. Limited supply.
Packet of 5 seeds: $2,99

Calabash Purple    (Purple Calabash)

A real deep purplish color on a heavily ribbed fruits makes this one pretty unique. And also there is the superb flavor, almost as if the fruits were macerated in wine. They make a delicious sauce. Very old variety grown since the 16th century. 85 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,99

Canabec Rouge                         

Quebec variety with medium-size red fruits (5-6 cm). Round to oval fruits, smooth, beautiful and of nice quality, show no cracking. Good, sweet-aromatic flavor.
Bred in Quebec by Roger Doucet. Determinate. Well adapted to short seasons and/or cool temperatures. 65-70 days.
Limited supply (smaller packet).
Packet of 10 seeds: $3,49

Canabec Super

Nice, balanced flavor with a hint of saltiness. Round, flattened fruits. Medium to large size. Looks very much like a greek tomato (Thessaloniki) except for the color. Good production. Compact plants, about 80 cm high. Selected in Quebec for its tolerance to cold weather during spring. Early. (75 days ?). Sold out.

Candystripes     (Old Yellow Candystripes)

Yellow, salad size fruits with pink markings reminiscent of those of candies. Rounded shape. Sweet flavor with good acidity. Productive plants. Packet of 25 seeds: $2,49


Nice black tomato showing very few defects. Remarquable rich, earthy black tomato flavor. Few blemishes or cracking, almost perfect. Dark mahogany-purple color. Greenish shoulders turning later on to greyish-dusty tones, hence probably the name "Carbon". Medium to large, slightly flattened. One of the darkest black type. Won some taste contests lately.  75-80 days. 
Packet of 25 seeds: $1,99

Caspian Pink     

Large pink tomato from Russia, well adapted to Canadian climate. Large pink beefsteak, quite flattened. Up to 1 kilo. Excellent taste! A gourmet tomato. 80 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Cherokee Chocolate

Brownish red beefsteak with very nice, sweet flavor. Big, 7 to 10 cm. Said to be a sport from Cherokee Purple. 80 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,49

Cherokee Purple    

Dark red, brownish tomato with green shoulders. Beefsteak size (large). Nice, complex spicy flavor, some say smoky. Cultivated by the Cherokees (1890, Tennessee). $1,99

Cherokee Green   
(Green Cherokee)

Medium to large size green fruits with nice lime green pulp. Mild flavored, low acidity. Around 85 days. Limited supply. Packet of 10 seeds: $2,49

  Chianti Rose       

One of the best tasting tomato around! Incredible flavor, delicious and bursting with taste. To be ranked up there with Brandywine and Prudens Purple. Potato-leaf type. Beefsteak style tomato, medium to large, with deep pink-reddish skin. Early enough to be grown in the north, at around 80 days. Said to be tolerant to cool or bad conditions.

Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Christmas Grape         (Grappe de Noel)

Tight clusters of 10 to 12 cherry tomatoes on tumbling stems. Good for pots, but can grow more than 1 m long. Use a large pot and make sure you have enough space. 75-80 days.
Packet of  25 seeds: $1,99


Large, finely striped fruits with marbled flesh. Said to be a cross between Green Zebra and Marvel Striped. Large to very large (8-12 cm), round, flattened, ribbed. California. 85 days.
Packet of 20 seeds: $1,99

Cosmonaut Volkov     (Cosmonaut Volkov)

An underestimated variety, much earlier, productive and tastier than many other reds! Old time flavor with a sharp edge. Adapted to cold or poor conditions. Does better here in Quebec than for instance Box Car Willie. From Ukraine, named after their cosmonaut. Early: 65-75 days. Limited quantities.
Packet of 15 seeds: $2,99

Costoluto Fiorentino

Deeply ribbed, flattened fruits used in Italy for sauce making. Similar to Costoluto Genovese below. Medium size. 90 days.  Packet of 25 seeds: $1,99

Costoluto Genovese

Large, bright red beefsteaks, deeply ribbed (costoluto) and slightly flattened. Well balanced, rich flavor. Can be eaten fresh or to make tomato juice or for cooking. Vigorous plants, medium size, productive. Tolerant to droughts and some illnesses. From the italian riviera, where it has been used for decades to make pasta sauce, especially in the Piedmont region. 80 days.
Packet of 25 seeds: $1,99

Cream Sausage

A beautiful white Roma paste tomato. Nice smooth, waxy skin, with very few defects. Mild flavor, low acidity. Ivory to cream colored. For fresh eating or to prepare a white sauce. Bushy plants are productive. 80 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $1,99

Cuor di Bue       (Oxheart, Coeur de Boeuf) 

Large oxheart type in the shape of a strawberry, or a top, or, as you might have guessed, an oxheart ("cuor di bue" meaning "oxheart"). Pink-red fruits, large size, with ribbed shoulders. Very good flavor. Also known as  "Cuor de Toro", "Oxheart", "Bull's Heart", "Italian Oxheart" or "Oxheart Giant". 85 days. From Italy, brought to immigrants in America in 1925. Packet of 25 seeds: $1,99

Currant tomatoes     (Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium)

An altogether different species with tiny, blueberry-size tomatoes on big sprawling plants.

3 strains: Red, yellow and white.

Gold Currant  
(Gold Rush)   

Currant type with yellow fruits turning golden-orange when fully ripe. Very small tomatoes, about 1 cm wide. Crunchy and firm. Sweeter when fully ripe. Stay on the vines forever. Like other currant tomatoes, this one is almost impossible to keep without suckers. It will become a bush. Picking individual fruits demands patience; it is sometimes easier to just snip the whole cluster (as seen in pictures). 75 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99  

  Red Currant     (Mini Rouge, Petit Moineau)       (Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium)

Tiny red fruits on huge sprawling plants makes this one unique. Only 1 cm in diameter. Flavor is fruity and concentrated. From Mexico, where it still grows wild. On the picture, left is Red Currant, middle is Matt's Wild Cherry and right is standard cherry tomato. Tall, large plants, needing lots of space, harder to keep them pruned and well behaved (will often get bushy). Height: 1,5 m and more. Will often reseeds itself. A different tomato species: Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium.
Packet of 20 seeds: $2,99

White Currant           

Tiny white tomatoes with excellent sweet taste. Currant type, only 1,8 cm. Turns from creamy white to yellowish white. Large, bushy plants that are difficult (and useless) to keep properly pruned. So you basically just let them grow and harvest later on the little tomatoes between branches. Renowned flavor. A preferate of many tomato growers. 75 days.
Packet of 10 seeds: $2,99

Yellow Currant       

Small clusters of tiny golden yellow tomatoes, about 1,6 cm in diameter. Sweet fruity flavor. Tomato shown on picture is life size. Around 70 days.
Packet of 15 seeds: $1,99

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